• House & Office Cleaning

  • I have years of experience doing both partial house cleans and full house cleans. Together with my subcontractors, we can handle all aspects of house cleaning jobs, including:

    • floor cleaning
    • carpet steam cleaning
    • ceiling cleaning
    • oven cleaning
    • window cleaning
  • Pre-Sale Cleans
  • Pre-Sale / Post-Sale House Cleans

  • Pre Sale Cleans By Cleaning Specialist

    Due to the high demand for housing in Marlborough and the buoyant property market at the present time, I continue to get calls for pre-sale house cleans.

    Remember, a clean house will make a strong, lasting impression. It says to buyers that the home has been well-cared for. But there's no need to do it yourself.

    An experienced cleaner can add real dollars to the value of any home, even if only the windows, oven, and shower glass are professionally cleaned before it's put up for sale.

    I also provide one-off, top-to-toe or partial house cleans for home owners who just want to walk away from a home they've sold, without having the extra stress of having to do the cleaning at an already busy time.

    I also bring homes that have just been purchased up to the standard of cleanliness required by the new owner and in the contract of sale.

  • Estate Cleans
  • Deceased Estate House Cleans

  • Deceased Estate House Cleans By Cleaning Specialist

    People from within New Zealand and abroad, will also call me to do house cleans for a relative or a friend who has recently passed away so that the property can be put up for sale or taken over by a family member in a tidy condition.

    This is especially needed after an older person has been living alone in it for some time as they would hardly have been able to do a thorough cleaning of the house on a regular basis.

  • New Build Cleans
  • New Home / Build Cleans

  • New Build Cleans By Cleaning Specialist

    We also do new home and build cleans, either for the builders themselves or for the new owners who have just taken possession of the property.

    New home and build cleans include window cleaning inside and out, a damp wipe of the window frames inside and out, removal of the fine dust from the walls, doors, architraves, skirting, sills, cupboards and drawers, shelves, bathroom and kitchen fittings, laundry tub, etc.

    Also, any loose material, sticky compounds, plaster and concrete splatter, and scuff marks and smudges on walls, doors, and windows will be removed throughout, including the garage area.

    A complete and careful vacuum of the entire home and a damp mop of the bare floors usually completes the job.

  • Office Cleans
  • Office Relocation Cleans

  • Office Relocation Cleans By Cleaning Specialist

    The relocation cleaning of offices and other commercial properties are based on floor area, the degree of soiling, the location, the number of storeys, the type of business involved (a commercial kitchen would understandably be more expensive to clean than say an ordinary clothing shop), and the ease of access, etc. A quote for the work can usually only be determined after actually viewing the premises.

    These commercial cleans usually require a top-to-toe clean up like a house, to meet the property manager's or owner's move-out requirements. However, partial cleans and the optional extra of carpet steam extraction cleaning are available on request.