• Tenancy Bond Cleans

  • Is your rental tenancy about to end? Would you like a hassle-free way to get the flat or house ready for the final inspection?

    Then why not give Marlborough's Cleaning Specialist a call. We specialize in one-off, top-to-toe or partial house cleans for tenants who want their bond back, without a hassle from the landlord about the cleaning.

    I offer customers my personal assurance and a proven track record in my specialized line of cleaning, that gives them the confidence they need to trust me with everything, including the house itself, and even if they’re already out of town after moving out or intending to come into a rental in town from elsewhere in the country or from abroad.

    Tenants moving out are given the assurance that their bond will be returned to them from the landlord, without penalties for extra cleaning to bring it up to the required standard, after I’ve cleaned the home; and I'll do a call back to the property to clean anything that’s inadvertently overlooked or needs to be sorted, after the property manager has been through.

    I know the high standard required by rental property owners and real estate agent property managers, who need to get the house or unit ready for the next tenant. I have a proven track record with even the most demanding of Marlborough's real estate property managers.

    Get in touch for a free no-obligation quote today.

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