• Window Cleaning

  • Whether you're looking for Residential Window Cleaning or Commercial Window Cleaning, I'm your guy!

    I've been professionally cleaning windows for many years now; and while I'm always learning new ways to get a faster and better result for my clients, I work quickly and carefully, so that I'm in and out of homes and commercial premises with the least possible disruption to the occupiers, while providing optimum window clarity at all times.

    The best results require the best equipment. I used to sell cleaning equipment before starting my own cleaning business. So, I know what's the best equipment on the market for my purposes today.

    A 14" microfibre washer with a special detergent and the Ettore brand super-system squeegee handle with an 18" blade is used most of the time, because of their versatility and speed over large panes of glass.

    Ladder work is still needed on most homes, to get up close and personal with the tougher marks on glass; but now that the Pure Water System of filtering out the heavy minerals in tap water is on board, I’m able to reach more than 10 meters with a carbon fibre pole and bush, to wash high windows without ladders, to save time, leave the glass without water spots once it's dry, and to provide clean window frames, all in one operation.

    While I can handle many jobs myself, I now have 2 subcontractors working for me. With them, I've successfully completed some of the biggest window cleaning jobs in Marlborough.

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